Monday, June 2, 2008

Getting it Done

You would think writing the book is the hardest thing. But it isn't, not really. The story is already there, parading around in my mind and anxious to be written in the Word Doc. The hardest part, I believe, is Editting. After you get through everything, you have to go back through it again and again and again and again to tighten this, get rid of that, add this, etc. And when you're in the editting phase and have read the story for the up-teenth time, you're about ready to "accidently" delete the whole thing because you're almost tired of looking at it. Or you become so busy with new ideas, that your finished work gets put on the back burner... which isn't a good thing because it should be a first priority to get it out and published.

And then there is the Artist's curse... After staring at it for forever and a day, you see everything that's wrong with it and believe no one would like it nor appreciate how many hours you've put into it.

I guess the best thing to remember is that an artist will always find a flaw. Editting it hard work and shouldn't be taken lightly because in the end the product is always that much better. And DON'T put off getting it done, because regret is a greedy, burdensome companion.


Hali said...

You are a wonderful person and writer. Always remember that!! I love you!!

Chgo Dave said...

Hahaha....Now that the school year is over,there are no more excueses for ya. Crack that whip...Oh and send me the update scenes to review when you have some time...

Love Ya...Ruth