Monday, June 16, 2008

Super Star!

It's great to just let loose some times.
Rocking out with the Xbox game Rock Band with a group of people does just that. No, I cannot sing worth my life...and get me to play simon says with the guitar (tapping the right color when the game tells you to), I'm getting better... And the drums? Haven't tried those yet... maybe next time I'll get a little braver and get my thump on...
but it's not at all about if you're good.
It's all about having a good time and just letting go of everything else for a while.
The game is just plain fun with a lot of my song favorites from the radio. But I think our "band" has run those songs thin... we need the booster pack to keep the party rockin' !

It beats belting out the songs on the radio driving from here to there. Cuz now there's a band and a real simulated .....crowd to cheer you on, hehehhe.

If you haven't yet, try it out. It's a great tension releaser!

And if nothing else, it's your 5 minutes of fame.


Chgo Dave said...

ROCK ON!!!!!!!!!! A few more practices and I think we can take it on the road.


Hali said...

We bought a couple of the booster packs on the playstation store that you can get too on the playstation3. W e bought some Def Leopard and some Metallica and some others. It is an awesome game just to let go on. And let me tell you... we just bought American Idol Karaoke Encore. SOOOOO FUN too!!! I dont sing good but does that really matter when you just wanna have a good time?? hehehe Wish we could ALL play together!!

Chgo Dave said...

I keep thinking we need to purchase more instraments so we can have a bigger band...ha. Maybe next time I can join you band...until then I can be your groupie.....I guess the pull of Indy Jones was too much for me last time...