Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Baltimore Trip

Baltimore was a great experience. It really showed me a lot about the life of an author and what it takes to be sucessful. I had the opportunity to meet all the authors in the book my story is published in as well as the editors. They are all a bunch of fun people. It was also super fun because I got to meet my co-author and friend Trish Wooldridge (whom I hadn't ever met before in all the 6 years of knowing her!) Now-- she is more than an e-friend :).

Part of my experience dealt with going to hour long seminars that lasted all day long. These seminars were lead by a panel of "experts" who issued insight or advice on various topics. It was great to attend them and learn the tricks of the trade in writing.

EVEN I had been assigned to be ON the panels. It was definitly different but definitly fun and enlightening.

These classes began around 10am each day and went until 1 am in the morning. I attended some 12am meetings. It is funny how it doesn't seem so late when you are really
involved in everything. Time really flew.. there was always something to do or some place to go.
An unnerving thing I had to do was read up in front of a crowd out of the novel I am working on (not the published short story). But the thing was--- despite my nerves on end-- it was recieved rather well. I recieved a few compliments on it afterwards. It was very encouraging! The audience member said he was really into it.
Pictured here on the far left is one of the editors (in red) for my story.

Having this opportunity to meet the editors, authors, agents, and publishers was a great experience.

This is Danielle. She is the head editor for the collection of short stories in Bad A.Faeries. She is a great person, super fun to be around, and quite likeable. I (and Trish) roomed with her in the hotel while I was in Baltimore. Danielle has many books published including novels, anthologies, etc.


Chgo Dave said...

You go girl...I am glad you had fun out there! Let's get that book out...hehehehe.

Chgo Dave said...

I would like an autographed copy please...hahaha!

Congrats on your success and the reading of the next book. Sounds like Kel's going to have to quit and be Mr. Mom while your out making the mega bucks$$$$$$.


Hali said...

So, I can't wait for Denver. That is awesome you read part of your book. HOW EXCITING!! =O) I am so proud of your Chris. I love you!!

Dennis Thomas said...

Alright it's time to work with me now! LOL!

I am so happy for you. Your published in the world I want to be published in.

I am published in business trade magazines...eeew.

Awesome work, great news...and can't wait to read it.